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We run our football classes throughout the year so there are no specified start and end dates. Your child's enrollment will start on your first day of classes. For pricing details and availability please click on your desired venue.


Remember, as soon as your child reaches 18months, he/she should be more than ready to sign on the line for Little Kicks (18mths – 2yrs 6mths). Classes consist of an infectiously enthusiastic coach inviting you and your child to join forces for a first foray into all things football – nothing too clever just full-on footy fun.


By the time one reaches Junior Kickers (2½ – 3½) it’s probably about time for most parents to retreat to the sidelines for a well-earned breather, although in truth our turnstile is never really shut, because one never knows when one might need to return to the pitch for one last lap of honour.


Mighty Kickers (3½ – 5th bday) as the name implies is the point where most kids now choose to go it alone. However this welcome demonstration of independence doesn’t mean they won’t want their No.1 fan supporting them from the sidelines.


And finally, Mega Kickers (5 – 7th bday). This programme is run in selected areas only and enables our more footy-impassioned Little Kickers to continue building on their skills once they have started school.


Anyway enough of our enthusiastic waffle– it’s time to click the map and see where it takes you!

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